Speed Converter

speed /spid/


Physics The rate at which something travels


Speed conversion rates

1 Mile per Hour = 0.44704 Meters per Second

1 Meter per Second = 3.6 Kilometers per Hour

1 Foot per Second = 0.3048 Meters per Second

1 Knot = 463/900 Meters per Second

Speed info

An object’s speed is the amount of distance that it can cover in a unit time. It is a scalar quantity because it only has a magnitude. Hence, the SI unit of speed is meter per second. This is in contrast to velocity, which is a vector quantity, as it has both a magnitude and a direction.

The average walking speed is roughly 3 miles per hour, which therefore equates to ~1.34 meters per second. That is compared to the 27.79 miles per hour that Usain Bolt reached during his world record breaking 100 meters in 2009. Moreover, his average speed over the entire race was 23.35 miles per hour. This pales when considering the world’s fastest animal, the peregrine falcon, able to reach top diving speeds of 242 miles per hour (~108 meters per second).

Most of the world uses the kilometer as their primary distance for roads and other infrastructure. However, countries such as the UK and US maintain usage of the mile.

The knot is a marine unit of distance that also finds use in aviation. It is equal to 1 nautical mile per second, a nautical mile being around 15% longer than a terrestrial mile.