Fuel Economy Converter

fuel economy /ˈfjuəl ɪˈkɑnəmi/


The relationship between the amount of fuel a car uses and the distance it travels


Fuel Economy conversion rates

1 Kilometer per liter ≈ 2.352145833 Miles per US gallon

1 Liter per 100 kilometers = 0.01 Liter per kilometer

Fuel Economy info

The relationship between a vehicles consumption of fuel and its distance travelled can be called fuel economy, or efficiency. The more efficient an engine and it supporting components are, the greater the distance it can travel per unit of fuel. Other factors influence this value such as vehicle weight, driving style, electronics usage, tire choice, weather conditions, road surface, and altitude.

Most of the world uses the units of kilometers per liter and the inverted liters per 100 kilometers. However some use miles per gallon, of which there are two types. As such, US uses miles per US gallon (US gallon = 3.785411784 liters), whereas the UK, Ireland and Canada use miles per imperial gallon (imperial gallon = 4.54609 liters).

Fuel economy is certainly improving. In 2016 the US government stated that the fuel economy of new US cars and trucks was 24.7 miles per US gallon. This is 10.5 kilometers per liter, or 29.7 miles per imperial liter.

Meanwhile with the arrival of electric vehicles, a new unit of measuring efficiency has to be used, namely miles per kilowatt hour. Therefore, to bridge between these two units, the US EPA creates the miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent, MPGe. It states that the energy from burning a liter of fuel is equal to 33.7 kilowatt hours of electrical energy.