Frequency Converter

frequency /ˈfrikwənsi/


The number of times that something happens in a unit of time


Frequency conversion rates

1 Hertz = 60 Revolutions per minute

Kilo = 10³ , Mega = 10⁶ , Giga = 10⁹

Frequency info

The number of times that something happens in a particular unit of time. The frequency is equal to 1/period , where the period is the time taken to complete one cycle of the measured event. The SI unit of frequency is the hertz, so called because of Heinrich Hertz, the German scientist.

1 hertz is equal to 1 occurrence per second. It is also equivalent to 60 revolutions per second. Revolutions per second is most commonly seen in use when driving, the rev counter. It displays how many complete rotations the pistons inside of the engine are taking per minute. This figure reaches as high as 12,000 or more in Formula One cars, and up to 18,000 in some racing motorbikes.

Frequency is closely related to circular motion, and therefore something rotating at 1 rpm is travelling through 6 degrees per second, or π/30 radians.