Data Transfer Rate Converter

data transfer rate /ˈdeɪtə ˈtrænsfər reɪt/


Computing The amount of digital information that is transmitted between two places in a given time


Data Transfer Rate conversion rates

1 Byte per second = 8 Bits per second

1 Kibibit per second = 1024 Bits per second

Kilo = 10³ , Mega = 10⁶ , Giga = 10⁹ , Tera = 10¹² , Peta = 10¹⁵

Data Transfer Rate info

The rate at which information is moved between components or devices is known as the data transfer rate. The most common unit used is bit per second, along with prefixes of the bit.

Common download bit rates in US cities range from ~ 40-160 megabits per second. But new technologies push that rate even further with gigabit per second speeds rolling out in certain areas.

8 bits make up a byte and therefore 1 byte per second is 8 times faster than a rate of 1 bit per second. By comparison, the introduction of the kibibit and kibibyte in 1998 allows for a distinction from the kilo. It ensures that the prefix kilo is not colloquially used to denote both 1000 and 1024 (they equate to 2¹⁰ bits and bytes respectively). Hence, 1 Mebibit = 1024² bits, whereas 1 Megabit = 1000² bits.